Do I need Building Regulation Approval?

Building Regulation approval is normally required for all forms of ‘building work’ and  includes the erection of new buildings, extensions to existing buildings, structural alterations to existing buildings, replacement of services to buildings and material changes of use of existing buildings.

For commercial and industrial projects there is very little development which does not require Building Regulation approval apart from perhaps very minor non-structural alterations to existing buildings or the replacement of certain existing services.

For residential projects, certain types of extension, non-structural internal alterations, erection of small detached outbuildings and the installation of some services do not constitute ‘building work’ as defined in Regulation 3 of the Building Regulations, and as such do not require Building Regulation approval.

However most forms of extension to a dwelling, loft conversions, replacement of roof coverings, replacement of windows, erection of attached garages, erection of large detached garages and outbuildings, structural alterations, replacement of services and alterations to the drainage system of a property do require Building Regulation approval.

It is advisable therefore to contact your local authority to discuss your project or to seek professional advice from an experienced Architect or Architectural Designer, in order to ascertain whether Building Regulation approval is required for your project.

Further details and an explanation of the Building Regulations can also be found on the Planning Portal website.

PLEASE NOTE however that although an addition or alteration to your property, or the erection of an outbuilding may not require Building Regulation approval, it may still require approval under the Town & Country Planning Act and an application to the local authority for Planning permission will therefore be required.

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