Design Service Level 1 – Feasibility & Preliminary Design Appraisal

This service is suited to Clients who wish to undertake a preliminary appraisal of their initial ideas for the project before committing to the cost of full detailed drawings and the submission of local authority applications.

It is also ideal for Clients whose scheme is speculative (i.e. the project is not certain to proceed until various options and likely building costs have been assessed in some detail).

Design Service Level 1 would include:

1.  Arranging an initial meeting with the client to discuss their proposals and to establish the design brief;

2.  Undertaking a preliminary measured and photographic survey of the site or property;

3.  Preparing preliminary design drawings possibly outlining some alternative design options for the scheme and including existing and proposed floor plans and elevations;

4.  Providing copies of the preliminary drawings to client for appraisal and if necessary providing copies to prospective building contractors for budget estimates.

5.  Arranging a further meeting with the client to discuss the drawings and provide advice on the merits of the design options and any issues relative to Planning and Building Regulation requirements.

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