Design Service Level 2 – Detailed Design and Planning Approval.

This service is suited to clients who have relatively firm ideas for their project and who wish to develop those ideas into a finalised scheme and apply for planning approval.

The design process could still include preparing a preliminary set of drawings for the proposal for discussion and appraisal, before preparing finalised drawings for the scheme and submitting these drawings to the local authority for approval.

Design Service Level 2 would include:

1. Arranging an initial meeting with the client to discuss the proposals in detail and establish the design brief;

2. Visiting the site to undertake a detailed measured and photographic survey of the property;

3. Preparing preliminary design drawings for the proposed scheme including existing and proposed floor plans and elevations;

4. Providing copies of preliminary drawings to client for appraisal;

5. Arranging a further meeting with the client to discuss the drawings and finalise details;

6. Preparing final design drawings for the scheme incorporating all information as required for the submission and validation of the planning application;

7. Providing copies of all final drawings to client for approval;

8. Preparing and submitting an application to the local authority for planning approval;

9. Liaising with local authority during the determination of the application in Agent capacity;

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