Design Service Level 3 – Detailed Construction Drawings and Building Regulation Approval

This service would usually follow Design Service Level 2 after the receipt of Planning Permission for a scheme. The design process would include the preparation of the more detailed drawings incorporating building sections construction details and specifications, and the submission of these final drawings to the local authority or approved inspector for Building Regulation approval.

Design Service Level 3 can also be combined with, and be undertaken alongside Design Level Service 2, particularly for smaller residential extension projects where the outcome of the Planning application can be confidently assessed prior to submission.

Design Service Level 3 would include:

1. Arranging a meeting with the client to discuss their finalised design requirements.;

2. Undertaking any final survey of the site or property to establish specific construction details or constraints;

3. Preparing detailed design drawings for the finalised project including detailed floor plans, sections and construction details;

4. Providing copies of all final drawings to client for approval;

5. Preparing and submitting an application to the local authority or approved inspector for Building Regulation approval;

6. Liaising with local authority or approved inspector during the determination of the application in Agent capacity;

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