What Fees are involved?

All applications for Planning and Building Regulation approval are subject to prescribed application fees charged by the relevant authority. These fees will be payable in addition to any fees charged by your architectural designer for their professional design services.


Planning Fees are payable for most applications involving any form of development or change of use of a building or land. The fees are payable on deposit of the relevant application. Planning Fees are set nationally, i.e. all local authorities administer the same fee scales. In addition to the prescribed planning application fee, applications submitted electronically via the National Planning Portal will be subject to an additional application levy. The levy will be payable on all applications submitted after 10th September 2018.

Planning Fees for a particular application vary dependant on the type or scale of the development proposed. Generally, fixed fees are charged for most residential projects, including erection of dwellings and alterations to existing dwelling houses. Fees for commercial and industrial developments usually vary dependant on the floor area of the proposals or the category of development being proposed.

 Planning Fees are payable in full on deposit of the relevant application. Once a planning application has been validated and registered, the fees paid are non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the authority’s decision on the application, i.e. whether the application is approved or refused.

Details of all fee scales can usually be found by visiting the National Planning Portal, or the relevant local authority website.


Building Regulation Fees are payable to the relevant local authority or Approved Inspector dependant on the appointed Building Control Provider. All Building Control Fees are now set independently by the relevant local authority or Approved Inspector.

Whilst a few local authorities still publicise their prescribed Building Control Fees, many authorities and all Approved Inspectors assess their fees individually for each particular application submitted, and will usually provide a fixed price fee quotation on assessment of the project drawings.

Also, some local authorities and Approved Inspectors charge an initial ‘Plan Fee’ on deposit of the application, followed by a further ‘Inspection Fee’ payable on commencement of the building works on site. Other authorities and Approved Inspectors will simply charge a ‘one-off’ fee, payable on commencement of the building works on site.

Fees for a ‘Building Notice’ applications are generally identical to those charged for a ‘Full Plans application.

As with the Planning Fees above, Building Regulation Fees paid are once building works have been commenced. Local authorities and Approved Inspectors can also levy additional Inspection Fees for any additional or abortive site visits during the construction stage of the project.

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